need for a programme

this is my first post in this forum, I hope to type it in the right place.

Well, I'm not exactly clued up about IT tecnology so let me ask you something even if it seems crystal clear enough...
The thing is that i still dont know the reason for the pc partition feature of your programme because i think i can arrange at taste the partitions in mine without the need for a programme. Am i right or not?


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Sorry , I don't understand your question.
To which feature of EasyBCD are you referring ?
It has no partition management facility.
Hi Terry,
I mean the feature that allows you to distribute the different partitions. I mean, if I can do that directly from my pc, without the help of any assistant programme, so why use one?


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I still don't recognize the feature you describe.
Which part of this
EasyBCD Basics
do you mean?