Need help booting a VHD of Windows 98SE


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Hi, I came across NeoSmart and EasyBCD when I installed XP in an attempt to get my copy of Sonic R to work, and I noticed the XP bootloader had overwritten the Vista bootloader! I looked up on my iPod Touch how to put the Vista one back on, and came across a tutorial on NeoSmart's website how do so with, of course, EasyBCD! So I found my wireless adapter drivers (it was a fresh install of XP) and downloaded the software, I fixed it and got Vista and the bootloader back and that is Important to everything because it is all in the Vista side of the System, and the XP side is COMPLETELY EMPTY except for EasyBCD. Also, I need help booting a VHD of Windows 98SE, Vista's loader is saying that winload.exe is missing because it probably thinks that it's Vista. Is there anything i need to edit to fix this?

Moved this provisionally to Windows Support and added a new header. Welcome to the forums. I'm not an expert on Win98 nor VHD's so will let someone else figure that one out.
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If it thinks it's looking for winload, then presumably you forgot to choose the correct OS type in the "add new...." dropdown (the default is Vista/7)
You can't boot a VHD of Windows 98. You can only VHD boot Windows 7, though there are hacks to get Windows Vista to boot in a VHD.