Need help booting Windows 7


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Hi all

Looking for a little help. Have just installed Windows 7 (new 2nd HDD) and having transferred everything over to it, decided to re-format the original HDD that Vista was on - not realising that this is where Windows 7 (probably) had it's boot information.

Anyway, since re-formatting the drive, I get an error message upon boot saying that there is "no boot device available"

I've run the Startup Repair on the Windows 7 disk, however this hasn't resolved my problem (even though it says it successfully repaired the problem) - I've also run bootrec /fixboot as well as /rebuildbcd commands, but these don't work either.

I'm not sure exactly how, but I have managed to boot Windows 7 a couple of times by using the Windows 7 install disk, but this is purely trial & error and I'm looking for a permanent fix - preferably without having to do a fresh install.

Any help appreciated as I'm not sure where to go from here.

If it helps, I don't need multi-OS boot, as I plan to stay with Windows 7 given it seems to be vastly better than Vista.

thanks in advance
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Hi Danski, welcome to NST.
Presumably you've left your old Vista HDD first in the BIOS boot sequence.
Put the W7 disk first, make sure that the W7 partition is set "active" and do the repair again (3 times).