Need Help Configuring Boot Setting on Cloned Drive


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Hey guys--

It's been a very long time, and that's because everything has been working rock solid--that is until I installed a cloned drive into my rig and now I've got issues.

I feel bad when you give me the solution & it's always something easy that I felt I shold have figure out myself, but I've been working on this cloned drive and the boot issue for hours and I think my brain is done trying to figure it out on my own.

OK--enough lead in, here is what I get:

I have two physical drives. One has Windows XP (C: drive) and one has Windows 7 (E: drive). I would like to manually chose which one to boot from in the boot menu. When I put the cloned drive in of Windows 7, I no longer get the boot menu. The computer boots straight into XP.

I've tried removing and adding a new Windows 7 boot entry, but it still boots straight into XP.

If I go into my system's boot order and select the physical drive that has Windows 7 on it, I get my boot menu and I can choose Windows 7 and boot into it---FYI.

I don't know what I did wrong--I actually thought the clonsed drive would just act like the original and I wouldn't have to deal with this, but I guess I've learned something new--again.

Any help is really appreciate--as always.

I have E BCD 2.1 (the latest non-commercial).


Change the boot sequence in the BIOS setup utility to put the cloned drive on top of the HDD list.
hmm--that's it? I should have thought of that.



Well, that did the trick. I also was pointing to the wrong drive letter for W7 to boot--I fixed that too. A big lesson I learned is to have Easy BCD installed on both drives in case one won't boot, you can change the config from the other.

I think it's time I contribute.
Thanks again!
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