need help creating a usb recovery drive


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ok so i'm on my netbook that runs windows xp and my other computer is a notebook that runs windows vista. well the notebook desided to do the whole "bootmgr is missing press ctrl+alt+del to restart." i dont have a recovery disk and i need help creating one on my netbook that has windows xp. ive tried the diskpart and it wont show my usb disk except on volumes. and ive tried to just copy the files from an iso to the usb and see if it loads from my main thing is how do i make a usb recovery on a windows xp computer for a windows vista? im so confused and i dont want to ask a friend to use there computer since they just got it but if i really have to i guess i can.

irst you need this. Then you need to download this:

hen you need this. You wont be able to use XP. The boot manager changed after XP to use the BCD. XP only uses the boot.ini so those efforts will not work. Get the Windows Vista Recovery Disk, then get the USB/DVD Tool and just point it toward the ISO once it downloads. Then you will be all set.