Need help deleting OS


Hey Guys...

First time poster. I just would like to say I love this tool...

OK I have a triple boot system.. Windows 7, Vista, and XP

Easy BCD is installed on Vista and Vista is the system partition..

Can I delete Vista and install easy BCD on 7 and dual boot Windows 7 and XP?

I hope this isnt too noobish...
Hi Onlock, welcome to NST.
The answer's "yes", but exactly how you do it and how difficult it is depends on your physical setup.
Is W7 on the same HDD as Vista ?
You'll have problems trying to delete Vista from inside another Windows OS, but with a copy of Linux, booted "live" from the CD, you should be able to empty the Vista partition (they're all just files to Linux), and use the partition manager to set W7 "active".
Then boot W7 DVD, "repair your computer" "startup repair" (3 times in all), and you should then be able to boot straight into W7
Install EasyBCD 2.0 latest build on W7, add an entry for XP and let it auto-configure when it offers.
Terry thanks!!!

I am going to try this!!!!


Terry this worked..

But heres whats weird.. After taking the Windows 7 CD out.. I get the BOOTMGR is missing error..

Even after doing ALL the above steps... I have Windows 7 and Windows XP listed. I reinstalled Easy BCD in Windows 7.. autodetected windows XP and reinstalled the bootloader..

If I take the CD OUT of the tray I get BOOTMGR missing.. put it back in.. I get my boot screen AFTER the "Press any key to boot to CD" prompt....

very weird...


update on this guys..

i have a 2nd HDD that is getting involved in this that is hosing stuff up bad

it is being specified as E:

when i disconnect it and try and startup fix windows will not allow me..

also i tried deleting the partition in linux - but it comes back upon boot...

how can i remove this drive and fix the original windows 7 partition?
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Ah ! You didn't mention the other disk. That's why I said it depends on the configuration.
Disconnect the other HDD(s) and do the W7 repair 3 times again as originally specified. W7 has obviously put its boot files on the other HDD. It has a nasty habit of hiding the boot files unless you expressly take steps to prevent it going anywhere other than where you want it.
After it's booting unaided, add the XP entry again as before.
Then reconnect the other HDD(s) and make sure that your W7 disk is first in the BIOS boot sequence.