need help here


Need help here
I did an horrible mistake in placing in the vista recovery disk into my dual boot computer(vista n xp )
THis is what happened........

My computer had three partition,1)C:/75gb allocated for vista,2)C:/120gb for xp and 3)D:/35 gb for data backup

However when i place my hp vista recovery disk into my laptop,hp dv 6701vx model,it formated my D:/ and install vista in it...
now when i boot in was the D:/ where the rest of the partition become unallocated in disk mangement............

btw my computer is using neogrub to boot both xp and but default is hidden for is really gone.......anyone can help me in this?
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Boot into your first install of Vista, set it as active in disk management, and reformat D:. Boot from an XP installation disc and reinstall XP on D:. After XP is installed and is booting correctly, grab a copy of our recovery disc and perform startup repair to get Vista to boot again. If an entry for XP isn't available after this when you boot your computer, start EasyBCD and add a new entry for XP.
Set the first installs partition as active from there than and than follow the rest of the instructions.
i'm really sry that i couldn't get to u set as first........
the two other partiton was hidden n became unallocated partition as a by default whenever i on my computer it automaticly boot into the second vista without anyother option.......
Right-click on Computer --> Manage --> Disk Management. Right-click on the appropriate partition and select "Mark Partition as Active".
but the rest of the partiton was unallocated
i couldn't mark as how???........really thank u for coming out time to help me.......
how do i check whether the data partition is still intact?


do i hav to install partiton magician to check whether the data is still intact?
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You could try a quick reformat of that partition and than use tools such as Restoration to attempt to resecue your data, but other than that its pretty much lost. At this point you should just re-install XP to the other partition and repair so Vista is bootable alongisde XP using our recovery disc.
tks any way....anyway i decided to go back my school where the it help desk will use acronis echo workstation to reclone my partiton except that i going to loses all my data....luckily i backup in my external sch are using the dual boot system because most software are not compartitble with vista so they make whole campus use dual boot system using neogrub...however when they configure for all student,they dun not use the easyEDC 1.7 method........wawd they do was just to place the NST folder they had where neogrub n list file located n place them in the c:/ n replace the bootmgr with their file n deleted the original bootmgr


really had to thank u for all the effort to answering all my question.....learn much from u n i deeply appreciated all this.....sry if there is any spelling mistake....hope u dun mind....
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