Need Help in lenovo 3000 H100


HELLO GUYZ,:grinning:

Please Guide me How to Install the Microsoft Window XP SP2 in LENOVO 3000 H100, just guide me step by step.. and I have one problem too I lost
my rescue and recovery partition.??:frowning: Please Appreciate my English word because I don't speak to well in English.. Thank you Guyzz...:smile:
Dak those instructions are proper. They will work for a OEM disc or a retail disc. I wrote them myself and have used both types of media. From several OEM's and on several different machines.

You have to give us your specific error on why it is ending or crashing. Those instructions have worked for thousands of people. They will work for you as well once we solve why it crashes.
This what i do: First, I set up the BIOS and then I order for the boot devices is set to CD, then HDD (Hard Drive). Second, I insert now the Windows XP SP2 CD and restart it. Third, I partition the C: drive and then I choose the Full Format with the NTFS file system and I wait for a while the computer format the C: drive and I wait again After it format it will start to load the files needed for the XP install and After it loads the needed files it will reboot.
BUT after the lenovo screen and the system keeps loading and NOWit's keep restarting. It doesn't not CONTINUE THE XP install. Why it does keep restarting..??
Please help me Sir and apology to my wrong grammar..
When it says "hit any key to boot from CD", are you doing that each time it reboots ?
You should only do that once, the first time you start the install.
After that, when it reboots itself during the install process ignore that message and don't touch the keyboard again until it starts asking you for the product key etc.
Responding to that message at any time will start the whole process again right from the beginning.

Hello to all,
I figured out the problem is the CD because I use Microsft Window XP Home Edition. The lenovo computer Operating System only recommend Window Vista and Window XP Service Pack 2. Does anyone know where to download the Microsft Window XP Service Pack 2 DRIVER for my PC because the lenovo personel give only one CD the Lenovo Driver Pack v1.5 for Vista and I hate using Window Vista.. Thanks for the little help...
There is no SP2 Driver. o.0

Again it falls back to slipstreaming the SP2 into your Pro disc. There is no such thing as a SP2 driver.
Daks, I think you may be having problems with XP SP1 install because it doesn't include SATA drivers for your hard disk.
My XP has SP2 included so I don't have personal experience of the problem, but the other guys here should be able to advise you how to get the SATA drivers installed before SP1, then you can use windows update to bring you up to date with SP2.

You're such a good person.. Thanks for the help and I don't have a choice but to install the Window Vista... Thank you GuyzzZzz..:grinning:

You're such a good person.. Thanks for the help and I don't have a choice but to install the Window Vista... Thank you GuyzzZzz..:grinning:

There is a way to add Sp2 to your XP disc. That is what the slipstreaming i am talking about does. You can also add your SATA drivers and all that to it as well. You can even go as far as adding all the updates to date to teh disc so that after you isntall you do not have to update.

How to keep WinXP really fast stable - Computer Forums

Read from Post #3 on and you will see how this is done. Do that and you will have a up to date disc that you can use for install of XP instead of Vista. :wink: