Need help loading a BCD.

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Hi there everyone. Well I am trying to dual boot with Windows 7 and OSX on my PC here and I got it quite far. Anyways, I need help because whenever I open EasyBCD 2.0.2, it keeps saying
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Anyways, I've read in a couple threads on this site and it said to go into my C:Windows/Boot. But after that where do I go because in that folder, because there are four other folders. However, I tried going into C:Windows/Boot/DVD and found two folders, one called "EFI", and another called PCAT and each one has a BCD in it. (Hope this somehow helps)

These are the directions I received and so far, all I have to do is create an OSX Entry into my boot menu.
"the install should finish succesfully
the osx will not boot nor will win 7
put the Win 7 dvd repair the bootloader
Boot into Win 7 add a osx entry through easybcd
boot again and u will be able to boot into osx"

Oh and BTW, I'm using Chameleon to boot from OSX, and Windows 7 (it's a third party bootloader), and I think that's what's affecting EasyBCD giving me that error. I would appreciate it a lot if someone would help me because I really want to boot into my other partition but it won't work because I have to create an OSX entry. Thanks in advance! :tongueout:

After a little bit more of searching, I just remembered that on the day Service Pack 1 came out for Windows 7, I couldn't update due to a messed up BCD. Anyways, I found the article I used to help me repair it and now everything works. I guess the moderators can close this thread now. Thanks anyways.
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