Need help.................please.....


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Just like to say I found this site by searching and I beleive the EasyBCD can get me out of a pickle. I am a novice so please bear with me

Got a dell E520 that was running windows XP on DRIVE C (the only drive in it)

I then added another Hard drive (DRIVE E) and put Windows 7 on it without taking DRIVE C out

I now have a big problem because when I take DRIVE C out then Windows 7 will not boot ( I have to put the bloody drive back in)

Can somebody tell me what i need to do in EasyBCD to enable me to take DRIVE C out and still be able to boot into Windows 7 using DRIVE E

I dont want to lose anything on DRIVE E as my plans are to put DRIVE C back in and install a genuine copy of Windows 7 when it arrives !!!!!

Thank you very much

Sara ( so unreliable lol)
HI Sara, welcome to NST.
Take out the XP HDD
boot from the W7 DVD
select "repair your computer"
then "startup repair"
Do the blue section 3 times in all
Put the XP HDD back, making sure that W7 is first in the BIOS HDD boot sequence
Install EasyBCD 2.0 latest build on W7 (if it's not there already)
Add an XP entry, let it auto-configure when it offers.