Need help please!


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Hello guys, I am just registering to get some help. I am a complete noob at computers so I need everything explained as well as possible please, I know it's a hassle for you guys and I'm hoping I get some replies!

I just went to turn on my Laptop today, I have a Asus m50vm-as100g I am pretty sure, Running Vista. When I boot up and login, it loads everything like usual and then it sorta freezes. I can still use my mouse, but my programs, start menu, desktop icons, etc; all are un intractable. I have booted in safe mode and it worked fine, disabled some startup programs, still was freezing on the normal boot. I followed this video - and it didnt fix it.

I now can't run in Safe mode also, it stops at some windows/system32/drivers/crcdisk.sys line. I have gotten to what I have read as the blue screen of death twice also. I have done nothing new to my Laptop in the last week or whatever out of the usual. I cant boot normally, I cant boot in any of the Safe Modes, and I dont have an install disk. I saved up and bough this laptop whilst going through high school and i just want to fix it!

I don't care if i need to wipe my computer to factory settings to fix it, or anything, i dont care about losing all my settings and files aslong as i fix the problem. I cant get into command prompt or anything because it wont boot, only freezes!

Any help is greatly appreciated! PLEASE! DESPERATE!