Need help recovering from Windows Vista Recovery CD

I bought, downloaded and used the Windows Vista Recovery ISO today hoping would fix a problem with my Vista install (broken from the MoneyPak ransomware). I had repair Vista to the point where my files were recovered and the system was working normally day to day - but could not do updates because MoneyPak killed something called the BITS... Anyway, instead of fixing that problem, running this tool got me into the Other User login bug reported on so many other threads. I saw three unanswered questions on other threads that I also need the answer too:

1) Is there any way around the Other User login bug? Does anyone know an account and password that will work? Is there someway to disable user access control?

2) Once into the recovery disk OS start - a number of the tools require a password - what is the password for the tools on the recovery disk?

3) Trying to follow the advise and make sure my files were backed up - I bought a big USB to back them up to. The OS from the recovery disk does not appear to be automounting the USB device so I can't backup the files. What am I supposed to be able to do to get the recovery disk OS to see the USB disk to enable backup? Do I have to mount the device manually?

Any help will be appreciated.