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Hi, I have a Gateway LX-6200 Vista x264. 3 Days ago got a TR/DSNCahger, was during a sports site, dowlnloaded by java update. My AV is Avira premiun, COMODO firewall and Malwarebytes...This virus start to popup on my AV every 5min and can't clean it. Contact my Avira forum (Dummy 11) and follow some intruction to clean my comp from this virus...I did need to dissable System Restore or disk C: and perform a specific type of scan (Admin) and told me I have 3 virus...(TR/DSNChanger j... consrv.dll and Desktop.ini) afther completed scan it ask me to restart inmediate "highly recomended" , I did now I cant start windows...will boot then crach and restart, press F8 and try one by one all crash during the attempt to start windows, the only one that told me something was to "dissable restart if system fails, thïs gave me a blue sreen that say:

stop: c0000135 {unable to locate component}

This application has failed to start because consrv was not found. Re-intalling the application may fix this problem.

Google and comunicate at Avira forum and afther several attempts, understand that I need to use a Recovery I find out that the copy that I made is only for restore factory (Thanks Gateway)!!! So I look for more solutions and find out Neosmart recovery one today...try to use it, everything was fine but when try to use Restore System on boot cd is giving me some instruction say :

to "restore window" use rstrui.exe/OFFLINE:C:\Windows

I think is neede to use under comand promp, so I did and give me a flag saying:

no restore points have been created on your computer's system disk. To create a restore point open System Protection

so I click on System Potectio and it say:

Your computer is running on a limited diagnostic state. If you see System Restore in this limited state you cannot restore operation.

Help topics are not avalible in this state.

click ok and back to main menu (Recovery CD), also the automatic repair didn't do it...I buy this CD for the restore purpose...can anyone help me and why this is happening...the download and boot are fine ???
have no clue...please
That message is presented when you don't select an OS on the first screen of the recovery wizard.
Have you tried installing a fresh copy of the OS? It's my last resort, well, formatting and installing is last, I try to salvage data by installing over the old one first.
How I can select an OS? I only have the 2 CD's copy I made 1st time got my comp and they only do Restore to Factory and will erase all my data... and the Recovery CD I just buy from NeoSmart this one should do the recovery and is the one that is giving me those message...??? what can I do ?

The Recovery Disk from NeoSmart said (on the site) it will repair and be able to use the Recovery this is why I got it...
so you don't have an original vista install disk? it was just already installed and they gave you the recovery disk?


If that is your situation... well my solution isn't something to post here, but as long as you have your own CD-key which should be on your computer somewhere, find someone with a vista disk and copy it to an ISO file.
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Dummy, when you first enter the recovery environment, after selecting a language and keyboard it will ask you to choose your OS from the list. If you don't choose, you get the message you saw.