Need Help to Install Debian Linux

Hi ! Folks !
I need Help / instructions to install Debian Linux in my New Lenovo P72 - which comes with UEFI. It has One SSD NVMe M.2 - 1 TB with Windows and Linux partitions.
I've already Unlocked Secure Boot in BIOS ( UEFI ) and put "Legacy First" too. And I did succeed in installing Debian 10 and installed GRUB2 as well - I don't know if I did right with this, BUT..., in the Boot time it just goes to Windows .
I"ve also had installed Rollback RX Pro - I also don't know if I did right, maybe it is just hindering ??!!.
So.., IF anyone can help ..., I'd appreciate very much.
Thank you !


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If it's going straight into Windows you won't be able to boot Linux from there.
EasyBCD and UEFI
You presumably didn't make Linux take control of the boot.
In the bad old days, you had to stop it from its default behaviour of grabbing the boot.
Now the default is not to take control, and you'll need to override that to force it.
Don't ask me how. I haven't used Linux for nearly a decade so any knowledge I once had is extremely out of date.