need help to make the iso from the file that downloaded from NeoSmart


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I have bought windows 10 EasyRE, but when I was downloading I didn't get the ISO file, instead there were ; boot folder bootstrap.ufs, easier.ufs.uzip, launch code and md5sum. I am not sure, how to make these file into ISO and burn it to a cd or usb. Can you please direct me to do so...

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It's not a zipped file.
If it appears to be so it's probably because you have file associations set by a downloaded ZIP or RAR software, and possibly Windows default "don't show filetypes".
No matter what you think it is - It's an ISO.
Just treat it as such.
Don't try to alter it, just burn it with software capable of turning ISOs into bootable form.


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Apologies for my error regarding it may be zipped.....


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As @Terry60 says, that's a common mistake. Common enough to be the first question in our FAQ, actually:

Q: I downloaded a ZIP or RAR file! How do I copy it to a CD?
A: The file you downloaded is an ISO image, not a ZIP file. Depending on how your PC is configured and what software you have installed, it may look like a ZIP or RAR archive, but that is not the case. You must not run/double-click/open the download, instead, follow the instructions on how to burn the download on to a CD.