Need help triple-booting three operating systems


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I am running as my main operating system Windows7 64bit this is on a 500gb hard drive. in addition I have my old 80gb drive with home premium vista 32 bit. I had no trouble in dual booting these drives. However I needed xp for some of the older software. So I partitioned the 500gb drive to allow for the addition of xp, at this point in time trouble started after many attempts the drive became un bootable. The end result was to low format and re input windws 7 64. fortunately vista was ok
Is it possible to run three systems? or should I have used an additional drive. I did notice that the Boot loader is totally diferent with xp is this the cause? and is there away round it

No problems running three operating systems. The usual procedure is to install the oldest first and the newest last; XP then Vista then Win7 - that allows the 'newer' OS to create a boot menu that includes all OS's.