need help triple booting xp, vista, ubuntu.. im getting errors, help

okay i have one 250gb hdd. i already had vista home premium installed. then i installed xp professional. of course after install i had to pop in my vista cd to reinstall the vista bootloader. then i used easy bcd to create a nice dual boot menu. i then made two other partitions, one in ext3 and one linux swap for ubuntu. ubuntu installed fine, but after restart im dealing with the grub menu which i don't want to use. so i boot into vista and create a new entry for ubuntu in easy bcd. i check the box that says grub inst installed to the bootsector and add the entry. i then reset vistas bootloader and restart. i have a perfect triple boot menu now. the problem is when i try to boot into ubuntu, i get all these errors and then nothing. the error i receive is : " unrecognized partition table for drive 80 ". i don't understand what im doing wrong here ? i followed the guides on this forum and i did successfully install ubuntu fine before, but now i have these problems.

can anybody give me some advice on how to fix this without having to reinstall ubuntu all over again. :x
could this have anything to do with my problems ? why is xp a logical drive instead of a primary ? :S


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XP should be primary; 99 times out of a 100 it won't boot otherwise. Consider yourself lucky.

Anyway, as for the Ubuntu issue. If you'd read Ubuntu - NeoSmart Technologies Wiki, we recommend installing GRUB to "/dev/sd*" - it's the only way that avoids the errors.

And once that's done you'll have to delete the old entry in EasyBCD, create a new one, *don't* select "GRUB isn't installed" and DO select the partition that was /dev/sd*