Need Help With Accessing my Files in Vista

Hey Everybody,

So I've got a problem, my desktop recently crapped out on me and i can't boot it. So i took my old HD from that desktop and placed it into an external HD enclosure and i am now accessing my old HD through USB 2.0 on my laptop.

This laptop runs Windows Vista while my desktop was running Windows XP Pro, now when I go into my Documents and Settings on the HD, i can't access it because i had a password locking my accouunt when i booted up windows (so i had a password protecting my windows login), i'm not sure how to access my old files, while taking permission of them help? and if so, how do i do it because searching online for it really hasn't helped.

How do i get access to my old files and folders??? I don't have to boot up the OS from the enclosure do I (if i have to, how do i do this??)

Hi Jonathon, welcome to NST.
What message do you get when you try to access the files on your external HD ?
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I get the error of, "You Don't Have Permission to Access This Folder", click continue to access this folder. I click continue and it says, to gain access you must go to the security tab.

Basically, I think I have to take ownership of my files. Here in lies the problem, I think i took ownership of them properly but when i try to go access my outlook PST files in

Documents and Settings/ (my user) /Application Data / Local / Microsoft / Outlook

and they seem not to be there anymore, i'm not sure whether i was backing up to another location or whether i just can't see it because i haven't access the permissions correctly.
Okay, so i found my outlook file


So i found my outlook file but the problem is that i cannot copy and paste it into my documents, it says that i don't have permission. I know that the problem is that my old account was password protected so that's why but i don't know what to do now. It looks like i might have to find a way to boot up the HD and run XP off of it and copy the files off of the account, but I really don't want to do this, is there any other way? Secondly, if i was to boot up XP from the HD, would i be able to do it through USB 2.0 or would i have to open up somebody's desktop and boot it up from there?





Your advice worked, i had been on that site before but it did not tell me to click the replace all subfolders option and i tried it this time and it worked. I got all of my outlook back!


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Hello Jon,

Glad that the ownership trick worked. Most of the time when you get a access denied that is why.

Also i just edited that post to include the info about taking ownership of sub folders. Thanks for letting me know it wasnt included. :smile:

If you have anymore questions, comments or concerns please stop on back. We will be more than glad to help out.

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