Need help with FreeBSD and Windows 7


I'm trying to get FreeBSD 8.x dual-booted with Windows 7.
My 3 hard disk drives are set up like this:

disk 1: partition 1: Windows 7 64-bit (System)

disk 2: partition 1: Windows 7 64-bit (Users' files & data)

disk 3: partition 1: FAT32 (64 GB)
partition 2: FreeBSD 8.x

I'm using EasyBCD 2.0 latest build, and when I try to set up FreeBSD using the "BSD" option I do get the menu entry when booting, but when I select it at boot time all I see is a black screen with the words "Boot Error". I'm sure I'm doing something wrong, but don't know how to proceed. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

btw, I tried EasyBCD 1.7 first, and got the error messages "Cannot load from hard disk. Insert Systemdisk and press any key" when trying to boot FreeBSD.
You probably did not install the FreeBSD loader to the bootsector of the BSD partition during setup. Can you double-check that?
Thanks for your reply. Yes, I have just checked. I even reinstalled the FreeBSD boot manager from the install CD to be sure, and then deleted and re-added a FreeBSD menu item with EasyBCD, but the results are the same.

I did read somewhere online that the first partition on the disk should be < 32 GB to avoid problems with some BIOSs, do you think that could be my problem since mine is 64 GB?