Need Help With Networking


:SThis is what I have:
1 Acer Laptop running Windows Vista with wireless connect option
1 Compaq Desktop running Windows XP

They are finally offering DSL in my area but I don't know what all I need. I want to connect the desktop I guess with the ethernet connection on it, but I want to be able to use the wireless option on my laptop. They are going to send me the DSL modem for free. My question is what do I need to network the two computers together and use my laptop wireless option. I want to be able to share my printer and such. So can anyone out there help me?

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Get a wireless router. Which one it doesnt matter as long as its got wireless capability, though you probably want to look for the better ones for networks that are not interrupted and error prone, so specifically look for 802.11n wireless routers/adpaters which come in at a cost around $100-$150. You should be able to find them at Best Buy or any other eletronics store. If you want your printer to always be available some routers well allow for this (they well have a usb port on them and be configurable from the router's setup) or if you got a network capable printer than that should work as well, but if not, the router well act as bridge between the wireless and your wired network so you should be able to enable the sharing options on your printer with it attached to your desktop (though the desktop well need to be on along with the printer if you want to print something). Make sure the desktop and laptop are part of the same workgroup (this is configurable in system properties).