Need help with running memory check


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Need help with running memory check using EasyBCD

Hi all,

I need to run memtest on my ram and are currently booting with this program dual boot of Win 7 and xp. When i put a formatted flash drive in and restart the comp. it just goes to the menu for selecting which operating system. In the bios i have removable storage set as the first boot device. Can anyone tell me how to get it to see the flash drive so i can test my memory?



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Though you selected removable storage in the BIOS it may not be capable of booting from a flash drive. Have you verified this capability exists? Or, change the flash drive to a different USB port - try them all if necessary.
What does the flashdrive have to do with checking your RAM ?
Use F8 after you select an OS, to interrupt the boot loader. That will take you to the extended boot menu where memtest is an option.