Need help with windows recovery disk


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I have a dell studioxps with 64 bit windows 7, I downloaded the torrent file, which i expanded afterwards. unfortunately a .iso file wasnt included...only two folders (boot,source) and a file(bootmgr).
Am I supposed to burn these on a CD or do i need something else to create a complete recovery cd?

Need HElp!!

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If you have a DVD/CD ROM drive you simply want to burn the ISO file down to disk. You would only want to extract the files from the ISO image if you were planning on making a bootable USB thumb drive or USB stick. See directions for that below:


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If you're under the misapprehension that it's a zipped or RAR file, it's probably because you've allowed an archiving app to grab the ISO file association, and you are not displaying file types, so are unable to see the true nature of your files.
Set folder options like this and check file associations to see what thinks it owns ISO.