Need help

Hello...I am completely desperate and Ive never asked for help before but i dont know what to do anymore.

So i bring my Toshiba P505 Win 7 out of hibernation and the service station has a flag that my battery performance is poor and my hard disk has errors. It instructs me to right click on the drive and properties-tools-check drive for errors. This proceeds for hours. After all sectors, etc are scanned Windows no longer boots and i receive the 0xc000000f error screen.

Mind you im only an average user with only knowledge Ive gleaned from reading online. So I input my Win 7 recovery disk which takes forever to load..and try startup repair. No OS is found. It attempted partition table repair and failed. error code =0×490

Reading further I begin messing with command prompts and run bcdboot commands: fix, etc. All complete successfully. I then run Diskpart to find out the 100mb System reserve is intact but my main drive is now RAW. I dont know much but this isnt exactly good.

I routinely back up data but havent backed up pics in 2 to 3 months and from the looks of it, all is lost?!!

Can someone please help me recover data and/or if possible reestablish a working computer??

Im sorry and thank you in advance for your time.