Need help!


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I have a Windows Vista Home Premium 32Bit on my laptop and recently had it go bad, un-bootable then I was able to fix it with Startup Repair and it turns out that it's a virus because my themes ichanged and it's not covered under warranty. I have no discs, no partitons nothing.

Can someone point me to an un-touched vista home premium 32 bit download that's direct? or another way of doing a clean install?

i have a license so i'm not asking for a illegal copy or anything like that, that's why i said un-touched :smile:

please help!!!
Hi monstermanx, welcome to NST

You well need to find a friend that can lend you thier Vista disc. Use your license for the installation and you should be ok. If you're out on that option, you will need to order a recovery set (done over the phone) from the manufacturer of your computer.