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I have a Dell XPS 410 (a 4Grand desktop a year and a half ago). Also a Dell M1530 (all tricked out), less then a year ago. The desktop; I was ok going to Vista {got'a go sooner or later}, but the laptop came to me by way of a replacement by Dell after my old laptop got ran over (time after time...after time... out in the street). But the laptop Dell wanted to send me, was out of sight better then the old one, so I wasn't going to whine much about the OS sys.. ((About the same dollar value, but 5 years newer)).
But now I'm out of work.... I thought I could, some how, get my old CAD program up and run in Vista, if I worked on it a spell.... LOL ! Not...! - My Cad program is Anvil 3.1 A program that was written in 1985/6. It's so cool! It comes, ready to run, on a single 3.5" Floppy. Believe it or not..... It's only 2.5 Demensional, no solids. But I know it inside and out... And beings I'm 52 years old, I can't take a year or two out to get to know a new CAD program (there so big now).
So I got to get two OS systems on my PC's so that I don't go broke and so that I don't void warranties. Vista to keep Dell happy and XP to run my older applications.
The EasyBCD has me almost up and running both. EasyBCD was recomended in a blog at
PC Hardware: How to... Add XP to a Vista machine -
This blog took me step by step to the point I'm at now.

Here is where I fall short.
I got 2 OS's up and going (Vista and XP). But even though EasyBCD gives me a screen choise at boot-up of XP or Vista. I can't get them both to run without returning to my bios and switching the Drives back and forth between "Automatic Raid/ATA" and "Raid on". Automatic for XP and Raid on for Vista. Big bummer!
What am I missing? I ran the EasyBCD many times, trying everything I can think of, with no luck at all.
Please E-Mail me with any ideas at mgd44 at
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Michael, you may want to remove your e-mail address from your post...

Second, the program sounds really old. Even with XP you might have some problems running it. XP by default doesn't play nice with BIOS RAID. The eaiest solution I have come to is setting it to SATA mode and re-installing both XP/Vista in it.

If the program's still not working after you get your OS problems taken care of you may be able to get it to work by copying the contents of the floppy to your hard drive and running it from there in Windows compatibility mode for Windows 95. I have a utility that makes it easy to do this without leaving settings behind on the system when you're done.