Need info abt. MacOSX


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Hi technies...
hope i'm posting this in correct que is...
Will Mac OS X work on all PC configurations or was it designed only for apple based systems...if there are any versions for windows based PC then please reply...
my PC's config is 2GB RAM,P4 3.2GHz Processor,80GB HDD,256MB Video Memory...i just want to know whether i can install Mac on my system...only if there are any versions available...:tongueout:oint::tongueout:oint:
Thanks in advance...:smile:
No. OS X is only intended for use on Intel based Macs. Any version that are out there that can be installed on a PC as hacked and illegal. They are out there but NeoSmart can not give you any kind of help or instructions getting them or getting them installed.

You will have to use Google to find this answer out. It is out there. Sorry.