Need instructions to install Ubuntu 10.10 with windows 7 64-bit


I was able to find instructions for ubuntu 10.04, but there was a grub bug that didn't allow you to manually install grub in another partition.
I need to know how to install Ubuntu 10.10 so that easybcb is the bootloader, not grub.
The last page before you give Ubuntu the OK to install itself contains an option to customize where grub2 is installed.
Actually the location of where the option is to install grub has been moved in the Ubuntu 10.10 installation. It’s now where it really should be which is the allocate drive space ( partition) screen at the bottom. The default is to install to /dvd/sda which is the MBR of the hard drive.

I would go ahead and leave this setting as is and let it install GRUB-2 to the MBR of the hard drive. Then follow the directions for 10.4 to set the start time to 0.

I believe I tried installing GRUB-2 to the Ubuntu partition a while back and it didn’t work. I can’t quite remember. I can’t try it right now because I have too many populated partitions. There is a limitation that you can’t install GRUB-2 two partition above SDA10.
I don't know if the OP got his help yet, but just came across this thread while searching for tips to install Fedora onto my dual boot Win7 x64 / Ubuntu 10.10 machine, but here's by far the best set of instructions I've seen on the web re: installing Ubuntu 10.10 on a Win7 machine:

How to dual-boot Ubuntu 10.10 and Windows 7

Just follow the instructions til the last step about installing the bootloader and it references an article about putting Fedora on a Win7 machine, so read that article before, BEFORE installing the bootloader & do it the Fedora article way - installing the boot to the "/boot" partition (usuall /dev/sda3 for regular Win7 installations), then booting into Windows and using EasyBCD to get the MBR to recognize the Ubuntu install.
Thanks ricktalife. Unfortunately, after I installed ubuntu manually the first partition /dev/sda4 ext4 /boot 500MB unknown
then the remaining 158GB is labeled as unusable so I cannot continue installing the other necessary linux partitions.
I also need to say that I have both Windows 7 64 bit and Windows 7 32 bit installed already on this machine with a 500GB hard drive. I installed the 32 bit after some of my legacy programs wouldn't work on 64 bit. I installed the 64 bit because it could use the entire 4GB of ram.