Need manual steps to relocate the bcd in 2008 R2


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Hey there,

I'm hoping that you will be able to help me with the manual process of moving the boot partition location.
I have tried your tool and it is great but I'm in a very hard situation. We have deployed 100+ server 2008 R2 servers using WDS. During this process we created an unattended file to create 4 partitions: C (OS), D, E and Z.
Unfortunately the system partition was set to Z on every server and now we need to change it to C. You app is great for this task but I can not get my managers to sign off on a free application with no official support for 2008 R2.
It looks like I need to go through the manual process of backing up the bcd, restoring to a new location on the C partition and then setting that partition to active.
I'm hoping to be able to do this and then just have a single reboot.

From what I can gather using process monitor I need to use the following:

I'm hoping for the commands I need to run and anything else I need to do such as registry keys.


Hi JaFF,

EasyBCD does officially support Server 2008 R2.
Please note that bootgrabber.exe, bootpart.exe are not Microsoft files - they're components of EasyBCD that are just as "compatible" with 2008 R2 as EasyBCD is.
Install EasyBCD 2.0 to a flashdrive
boot an OS and exec Easy from the flash
BCD Backup/Repair
Change Boot Drive
Point it to C when asked
Slip the drive in your pocket
Don't tell your boss how you did it so quickly !
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