Need pre-2.0 version of EasyBCD


I see this has been asked many times, but the response always seems to be "Use the latest version - you'll love it." Well, that won't work in my case.

I am dealing with a PC that *MUST* be kept strictly legal. It runs Windows XP, and I do not have access to a PC running Vista or Win7 from which to steal the bootloader and/or boot files. I do not trust a random torrent on the Interwebz for downloading these critical files. EasyBCD 2.1.2 will not work with the XP bootloader and therefore, EasyBCD 2.1.2 does not and CANNOT meet my needs on this PC.

I understand the earlier version 1.7.2 is the latest official release that will work with the XP bootloader and does not require the Vista/7 bootloader as the 2.x versions do. I would therefore like to obtain a copy of version 1.7.2 of EasyBCD. However, I can find absolutely no way to get it from the NeoSmart website. I don't trust most 3rd-party sites, so I'd prefer an official link of some kind that will let me download it direct from NeoSmart.

I understand full well that this is an outdated version of the software and that support will be limited or non-existent. I accept that. It's either v1.7.2 or I have to find some other solution that doesn't involve EasyBCD, which I'd rather not do because I like EasyBCD for the most part. I have used it on other projects in the past and it has always done what I wanted it to do, until now.

Thanks in advance.


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EasyBCD has never supported XP-only.
Really? I would swear I used it on a pre-Vista machine several years ago.

In any event, if no version can work with the XP bootloader alone, then I guess EasyBCD is not the tool I need.

Thanks anyway.

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EasyBCD is not the tool you need as the name alone says it all. XP uses boot.ini to manage the boot loader. EasyBCD manages the BCD which was introduced with Windows Vista and still in use with Windows today. :wink:


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Perhaps you're thinking of the ability to port the Vista boot files over to XP.
That was a feature of 1.7 which was removed from 2, but it still required you to own a Vista licence.
It gave you the ability to boot XP with Vista's manager rather than NTLDR, but it didn't help you configure a vanilla XP.