Need Some Advice On Purchasing Extra Memory

Well, if it had to be between those two I'd pick the 400MHz PC3200 Memory at CAS 3... it's definitely faster.
I realise that and have been looking around. I'm going to try things the combined way forst and see how it goes and then if it fails I'll just use the new ram.
Bad news I'm afraid. I used Memtest-86 v3.2 and got a sea of red errors. Reset the mhz back to 333 (Auto) and redid the errors.

So I think I'll swap the current ram for the new ones and forget the mix and match approach. I can probably find someone willing to take the old ones off my hands.
in thoery you should be ok, 3200 will slow down to 2700, this is why there fasing 2700 out, but there still mkaing boards that can only accept 2700, 3200 modules can and automaticly run slower if there is any other memory in your machine slower, or if your board only supports 2700.

But rule of thumb, your PC can only go as fast as the slowst part, IE your memory will just run at 2700 pace, so you should be ok.

I always try to buy memory at the same speed though, my machine atm used to be running 512MB pc3200 (CL2.5) but i got offered two rows of 512 PC2700 (CL2.5) so i opted for more memory rather then faster memory, I have seen a peformance increase, i don't think i could use a PC with less than 1GB now, i was going to get a dual optron machine and use 16GB!!!! :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
LOL...I'll be at 2gb with the possibility of increasing that to 4gb which is the max that the M/B can handle anyway, but I would have thought 16gb is in the realms of super-computing.
I hammer my system memory, i used to have a dual P3 1.2GHz with 8GB of memory, and i used to use about 6-7GB of it when running various apps, but the main one was video encodung, which i do alot, but yes guru, that memory was VERY expencive, £120 per GB 120 * 16 = 1920
So 16GB 3200 ECC memory would cost £1920, Plus £700 for each CPU, plus £400 for Mobo then add the £250 for GFX, and lets not forget the £500 i was going to spend on the HDD's

But until i get my money toghet its ion the relm of ZZzzZZzzzzzZZZZzZZzZ
Buffered is otherwise known as ECC or REGSITERED, All this does it when windows tries to use the memory, the programming on the chip will Read the sector-->Write random DAta-->Read it back-->Delete it-->If no error allow windows to write to it, if an error start process again at diffrent memory location.

Slows the memory down quite abit, But it is more stable, but if you have a problem (Like i have) and the chip that controls all that has gone %^£%"&*^&^%£$ then you need new memory as it will cause windows 2000, XP, 2003 & Vista to crash Explorer Via DEP

ECC for office, Encoding and reliablty, NON-ECC for games and speed.


To tell you of my error, if i use more than 300MB of ram windows crashes becuase of this DEP, so atm i am running windows 98 (SE)

Personally i still like 98, im just annoyed that some programs i use don't work on 98. Windows 98 will justy flag the memory as damaged and avoid it, so windows 98 is more stale than XP, I've got the proof
You can turn off DEP.

open boot.ini
add/change this flag:

it is usually 'optin' or 'default'

There you have it, DEP is dead.
Tried, Windows still BSOD on me, and when i check the error code it comes up as a DEP error on the Microsoft site.
It won't make a blind bit of diffrence, the memory is nackered, once an app access the faulty memory sector, on 2k, Xp, 2003 it makes Explorer thow a fit (As Explorer Manges the memory)

And how would you do that, im not aware you can select programs to monitor, I know you can exclude programs as the problems happen, but i don't think it would work as when i turned DEP off my system started BSOD'in on me with DEP error codes.

But in 98 the program just crashes, thats the end of it, just restart the program the the bad memory is flaged as bad so it don't be used until next restart. Im saving up, can get 2GB PC3200 NON-ECC mid next week.

The progrlem being my memory can from a old server, and i was wrong, it is PC2100, it has been passed from server to server, then to my machine, and its not had a good life, i think it is time to put it to rest in silicone hevean.

I am just going to replace it with brand new memory, my system is being bottle necked by the fact that the memory is sooooo slow, and its latency is crap, (DAM THATS CRAP) but its supposed to be very stable, until it claps out and dies like it has. :booyah:

If anyone knows where i can get 1GB PC3200 NON ECC DDR RAM from (other than EBAY) for £30 per module including shipping, as thats the cheapest i have found sofar, im not fussed about brand, or latency, solong as its 3200, NON-ECC and the latency is better than my current setup.
I'll see what I can find as far as the memory goes :smile:

But for the DEP:

winkey + pause|break
advanced | performance | settings | Data Execution Prevention
"Turn on dep for essential...."
Well I've just ordered 2 X 1gb each.. Kingston PC3200 -CL3- 400mhz at a hefty price of CDN $242.35 for the pair. I shopped around and couldn't find anything (of quality) cheaper.
Awesome :smile:

Why don't you experiment putting in the old chips too and see if it feels any slower. The speed difference should be negligible and all that ram should keep your PC happy :grinning:
They are up on eBay for sale already so wont be doing that. I aim to buy 2 more 1gb sticks to make a total of 4gb eventually.