Need some help with a GRUB2/W7 set-up


After looking on the web for a few hours, I still can't manage set up a dual boot with my Ubuntu 9.10 (which uses grub2) and my windows 7 System. I'll try and list the peculiarities of my case below:

I have 2 sata HDs, the first one is a 500GB one and the second (old one) is a 80GB HD.
The 1st (which is sda) one has two partitions, respectively 35(sda1) and 450+ GB(sda2), windows 7 is installed on the 35gb one.

The 2nd(sdb) HDD has 3 partitions the 'system reserved' (sdb1) in which the windows bootloader resides (as the windows was previously installed there). the linux one which is about 77GB in size (sdb2) and the swap (sdb5)

So... when installing ubuntu I've done verything according to the guide and had GRUB2 lodge itself in the sdb2 partition.

The problem is... once I add a grub2 entry in the BCD, the only output I get when running it is:

Try hd0(0.0) NTFS5: (something) not found
Try hd0(0,1) Ext2:_

And then I'm stuck there with a blinking cursor, anyone that can help?
Thanks in advance for the Input.
Does the System reserved partition have a letter ?
If not, give it one, delete the Linux entry and add it again.
Assigning a letter to the reserv partition worked like a charm, thanks for the quick input, I would never have guessed that.
It's odd that this happens... I need to look into the behavior some more, because it should automatically revert to the local disk instead of the system partition if it doesn't have a letter......



Mafious, can you please post both the contents of EasyBCD's Detailed and Normal modes?
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