Need some help with vista/xp boot


I've 3 hdd's. At first WinXp was installed at E:\, then i installed Vista at g:\, the third hdd c:\ has no os. That's drive letters in xp
In Vista C:\ is vista drive, d: without os and e: had xp.
I used vista loader to choose vista or xp to load. Directory "Boot" was on xp drive. Accidentaly this directory was deleted.
After that i got error about vista loader. I used winxp cd to repair because i had no vista cd at the moment.
Now only winxp loads. How can i get vista and it's loader back?
Yeah, i had a little fun.
That only restored vista loader as i see, but it gives the same error.
Is there any way to repair that "boot" folder? And system repair from vista cd doesn't find any vista for some reason.
How could fixing boot record help me delete protected folder?
Anyway i found vista cd, copied files from boot folder there, Then i added xp and vista entries in easybcd. Now it works.
Well, you'd be reverting to the old Windows XP bootloader, which uses NTLDR instead of boot - letting you delete the boot folder without a problem (you couldn't delete it before because it was in use).

No matter, glad to hear you got it working that way :smile: