Need To Know About Bootsect.exe

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I am trying to manually repair my Vista Bootloader going by the instructions on the wiki pages.

I am at step three where it talks about the bootsect.exe. How do I know if it is on my computer because all I have is the Recovery Disc I downloaded from here. Also if I don't have it and need to get it how do I do that and how do I get it onto my computer?

Thought things couldn't get worse after my laptop went nuts but now there is six inches of snow on the ground and it feels like 0 outside. So it's a good day to get this baby up and running again.

Please help as quickly as you can.:smile:
You can try skipping that step. It's only pretty rare that the Vista bootsector is wiped, so you should still have it.
Ok I will try that. If I do need it and since you are online can you tell me if and how to use the BCD Download I am so new at all of this.


If I skip step three and go to step four can I still be able to fix it somehow if it doesn't work? Can you tell me what I should do next if this doesn't work and if I can use the BCD download even though I do not have a dual boot? Give me as much instructions as you can cause this is all new to me sorry.
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alj, please don't start multiple threads for the same problem. If nobody answers it's because nobody's here at the moment who can answer.
Asking again in a different place doesn't increase your chances, it just slows down those of us who monitor the boards when we're online, by increasing the length of the queue we have to go through. (We monitor every thread in every forum )
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