Need To Know Which Vista Version I Have Help Please


I have an Acer Aspire 3860. It has Windows Vista on it and it has an error. I have read the articles on downloading the torrents to make a disk to fix it that are posted on this site. The problem I have is that I don't know if I need the 64 bit or the 32 bit torrent.

I really need someone to help me. I need my laptop back up and running ASAP

So if someone could please help me I would be so thankful.

I know that it only has the Vista Home Basic on it but that is all.

Please help.:scared:
Hi alj1991, welcome to NST

You will need the 32-bit version, unless you're sure that you are running 64-bit Windows. If you boot from the 32-bit recovery disc and it gives you an error than you know you need the 64-bit version. Start with the 32-bit since that is most likely the version you need.
Control Panel / System
Look at the "system type". It will say there if it's 64 bit.
Otherwise download the x86 disk.