Need to remove dual boot drive (Win7) from system



I have Vista 64 on my D: drive, wanted to test Windows 7 on older separate ( test) drive (now C: drive). I want to get rid of dual boot into Win7 and just have Vista for now on one drive (currently D). C drive ( Win7) is the boot drive currently, I want to remove this Win7 evaluation copy and drive from the system completely.

How do I do this with EasyBCD 2.0 ?

I know its simple, just don't want to screw it up.

I have 3 PC's all set up the same way.

Did you install W7 onto the test HDD with Vista disconnected ?
If so you can just remove it.
If not, check in Disk Management which partition is "system".
"boot" just means "you're running this one at the moment"
If Vista is still "system", you can just remove the W7 HDD. ("system"= where all the boot files reside).
To remove the dual-boot menu just remove the W7 entry from the BCD, and when there's only one choice a menu won't be presented.
Piece of cake then.
Just boot VIsta, remove the W7 entry from the BCD with Easy2, and format or disconnect your W7 HDD.
One more simpleton question, do I remove it through the Add/Remove Entries of the EasyBCD Toolbox or from some other section?