Need to remove Vista from dual-boot, but Win7 is on a logical partition


Hey guys, new here I want to remove my vista installation from my laptop, but it is currently read as my system partition. I tried using easyBCD to get it changed to my current win7 partition, but unfortunately it is somehow a logical drive partition and so BCD can't move the bootfiles on to it. Does anyone know what I should do from here? I want to lose no data on my current drive if possible. Thanks! Okay, after using partition wizard and easyBCD, I've managed to get this: C: System, Boot, Page File, Active, Crash Dump, Primary Partition Vista64 (D:smile: Primary Partition Am I safe to delete the Vista partition now? I'm willing to pull the trigger, but I'd feel a lot more assured if one of the veterans here gives me the all clear, much appreciated.
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If W7 is now primary and marked "system" you can go ahead and format Vista.
Doing it from Windows (not a booted partition manager CD) is quite safe, because it will simply refuse to let you format anything it needs to keep working.