need vista boot editor for linux/bsd


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After spending all night (about 8 hrs) installing a dual boot and failing I found easybcd. Works great!!! but since I was installing just stub OS's (enough to get the partition made and few other minor things). So I did the following in the second to final install (final if you had a work around for this):

1. Install vista
2. Install NeoGrub
3. Install FreeBSD

everything worked fine until I reboot and found FreeBSD had nuked the Vista MBR so I had do the following order to make it work:

1. Install FreeBSD
2. Install Visra
3. Install NeoGrub

Maybe I am wrong but this slightly counter intutive. One possible work around I can think of is make a *BSD/Linux version of EeasyBCD so the forth step in the first procedure is to install EasyBCD and reinstall neogrub and thus avoiding the second procedure.
Hello Sarek,

You are right, of course. A *nix edition of EasyBCD would have saved you a lot of time. However, there is a quick hack you can do to revert to the Vista bootloader by booting from th vista dvd, selecting startup repair, and typing
bootsect /lh /f
at the command prompt.

At any rate, we are considering porting EasyBCD over to linux, but nothing concrete ATM.

I'm glad EasyBCD worked for you and that NeoGrub could boot into BSD - could you please paste a copy of your NeoGrub config file below - I think it'll be helpful for some of our other users :smile:

Thank you!