Neither Vista Start up Repair nor EasyBCD seem to fix my problem.


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I've been having problems with booting my homebuilt machine running Vista Ultimate 64 bit SP2. I've downloaded EasyBCD 2.0 and run it several times. No luck. I have run Vista Startup Repair from my install disk and got back to getting the machine to boot using a Restore Point.

I am running RAID 0 and the Intel Matrix Storage Console reports no errors.

The last Repair attempt, which failed, resulted in this report:

Start up repair V2:

Signature 01 External Media

Signature 02 6.0.6001.18000.6.0.6001.1800

Signature 03 3

Signature 04 65537

Signature 05 unknown

Signature 06 NoRootCause

Signature 07 0

Signature 08 2

Signature 09 WrpRepair

Signature 10 1168

Signature 11 6.0.6001.

SiSandra shows out of date BIOS on my ASUS graphics card.

This inability to boot consistently all started when I attempted to install a USB PCI card.

Any feedback on this would be appreciated.
It appears you have a storage device attached? You'll need to go into the BIOS and change the boot order so your internal hard disk is first in the list.
"I've downloaded EasyBCD 2.0 and run it several times"
What do you mean "run it" ?
What did you do with it ?