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hi all,
I have been trying to use easybcd to access an existing linux installation on its own drive... previously I was using grub to boot both vista and linux - but having installed windows 7 - grub is no longer on the primary boot disk.
If i change the boot order of my drives, such that linux is the boot drive grub loads and I am able to boot into my linux instllation successfully... however, I have tried to use easybcd to specify that I have a grub installation on my linux drive... which failed... each partition of the linux drive did not allow me to boot in.... I am now trying to use NeoGrub.... looks good - however, all the options I try here fail also... for example running find/ boot/grub/stage1 from within my linux instllation (by changing boot order) returns (hd2,4) - when I try to set this up in NeoGrub is returns are error after selecting it ... also if I choose to use the command line from the neogrub menu by selecting 'c' ... I am unable to find any results on any partition for find /boot/grub/stage1 ... One of the partitions 1 - on the hd2 returns that grub is unable to mount it ... can anyone help me get this working?
any help appreciated!


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hi Terry60,
thank you for the reply. I have ditched the 1.7 version and proceeded with 2.0 beta. I have ubuntu 9.10 and so have selected the grub2 option... it looks good ... however, when selecting this option from the windows boot menu... it shows the grub > prompt.

fortunately, it now allows me to run find /boot/grub/stage - and it returns hd(1,4) - excellent.

however... it does not boot straight into linux.

additionally, it allows me to manuall specify the root (hd1,4) and also the correct kernel and initrd...
but following a boot it eventually halts saying that it waited to long...

please help? it seems very close now - but just a tad off

any help greatly appreciated


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(hd1,4) is the first (or possibly only) logical (not primary) partition on the second HDD in the BIOS boot sequence. I don't know, but it could be if you reinstalled Ubuntu 9.10 to a primary partition on that HDD, and used the advanced option to install Grub to the Linux partition, instead of to the MBR, then used EasyBCD->Grub2 again, it would boot.