NeoGRUB for booting Vista and OSX?


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I tried to get OSX Leopard 10.5.2 and Vista Home Premium SP1 64-bit to dual boot using EasyBCD but ran into problems booting into OSX. No matter what I select or if I copy the BOOT0 file to C:\ I can't boot into OSX. I have the operating systems on separate hard drives (HDD0 = Vista, HDD1 = OSX). I don't get HFS+ or chain0 errors and I believe the OSX installation is GUID/EFI.

So I was thinking maybe I could dual boot these using NeoGRUB? But how should I configure it for OSX?
If you're using the GUID/EFI method, you'll need to pick the boot device from the motherboard.

Reinstall OS X on an MBR-formatted drive and you should be good to go.