neogrub help


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Hi, I have just installed Ubuntu 9.1 and OpenSuse 11.2 on my second hard drive.
I have windows 7 on my first.
Each version of Linux has the bootloader on their root partition.
I can add entries successfully to each of them using ebcd although I have to edit the (hd0,2) to (hd1,2) for Suse.
I then added an entry for neogrub and made my best effort to add the two entries together.
All I get now when I choose the neogrub at boot time is the message "Grub" and a flashing cursor.
Here is my neogrub entry.

default 1
timeout 5
title OpenSuse 11.2
root (hd1,2)  
chainloader +1
title Ubuntu Linux 9.10
root (hd1,1)  
chainloader +1

Any help would be appreciated.
Hi Terry,
yes, I have selected grub2 from the list. As I said before I can boot each Linux individualy but I don't know how to create the two entries in neogrub so that I can choose between them.
Last time I did a multi boot setup some one very kindly told me what to put in neogrub.
Unfortunately the edits I made to those entries don't work.
I don't even get to a point of being able to choose entries, let alone boot them.
I just get a flashing cursor after the word grub :frowning:
I'm not sure how Easy2 handles 2 grub2s, when you don't have to give any drive information. I believe it handles 2 legacy grubs automatically in the latest builds (no need for Neogrub menu.lst manual edit), but that's no help for grub2.
You'll have to wait for CG.