NeoGrub: hide vista from xp?


Hello, its is well know problem in dual boot (vista / xp) i.e, xp removes the vista restore points.
For this reason vista needs to hidden from xp for that Neogrub is the solution. but when i have gone through neogrub how to do steps it was confusing , i mean once u intall neogrub from easybcd >add/remove entries>neogrub>install neogrub>configure> then ??

the other question is .. the whole process is to done in xp not in vista?

please kindly advise. thanx
There are old threads about this (check my profile and find my first post then follow the links)
but using Neogrub will give you a 2 stage boot which is very annoying. The preferred solution is to use HnS (Vista Hide n' Seek) which will give you a much nicer single level boot.
See the sticky thread in Ideas and Wishes Forum
The process starts off in Vista not XP. You can follow the progress I had when first trying the H'n'S tool seen in the thread at

Instead of setting the boot time to "0" for the Grub4Dos with Vista set as default anyways and adding in the additional entry with the EasyBCD tool I brought that upto about 10-11seconds to either select XP or allow Vista to go ahead there as a one step method. The H'n'S tool will make Vista totally invisible to XP where the VIsta primary simply disappears protecting new restore points created.