NeoGrub "Menu.lst" Sample Files

Hi, I am a novice user of NeoGrub trying to build a working "menu.lst" config file for my Win7 / Ubuntu 14.04 multiboot system; so far without success. My particular complication is that I have both OS's running on two separate Raid10 arrays built using the Intel "fake raid" controller on my mobo. Win7 installed without major issue and is working fine; Ubuntu 14.04 system installed except that the GRUB write failed so I completed the install without it. So I now have both OS's installed OK but I cannot boot into Ubuntu. I'd like to use NeoGrub to allow booting Ubuntu from the Win7 bootloader.

If possible, I'm interested to see working "menu.lst" config files from anyone that might be running a near-similar config. My biggest hurdle is configuring NeoGrub to successfully boot the Raid10 Ubuntu system. Thx in advance for any responses.


Mostly Harmless
Staff member
There's a good chance that NeoGrub doesn't support your softraid configuration, unfortunately. I would recommend chainloading GRUB2 from EasyBCD (which doesn't require that GRUB2's write to the MBR or bootsector succeeded).