Neogrub "No Neogrub"


Helloooooo, just a couple of problems with your wonderful product.

I have a Gentoo machine which necessitated having Server 2008R2 and now the partitions set out like so:

There are 2 other storage drives have have caused problems with device priority in the past (throwbacks from PATA to SATA switch) which is likely to be the cause of the EasyBCE problem.

Anyway, instead of messing around I decided to use the neogrub option but no matter how I set the root= option in menu.lst (0,0 1,0 or 2,0) I always get the same error:
Try HD0,0: No Neogrub
Try HD0,1: non-ms skip
Try HD0,2 Ext2 _
It seems to be seeing my /boot partition but doing no0thing about it.

Anyway, the two other errors I get when not using Neogrub are
No Avg0
Grub _
The former is from selecting "grub isn't installed in the MBR" (which is correct) and the latter is from having it unselected.

I have no 100mb secret partition and in server management it gives the Server2008 partition as "system,boot,page file,active,crashdump,primary".

Any ideas?

Oh, just in case you think it's relevant,
title		Gentoo Linux
root		(hd0,0)
kernel		/boot/kernel-2.6.35-gentoo-r2 root=/dev/sda3
will do. I'll report straight back with the update.


Ahhh, the original "isn't installed in MBR" option works perfectly now. Thankyou very much! :smile:

Congrats on an excellent product btw
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