NeoGRUB question


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Does anyone know of a way to boot from a CD using NeoGrub? I have a PE live CD which I really can't afford to let have access to Vista.
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I do not think it is possible. I think you just have to boot from it. Hence being a LiveCD. Why must you deny access to your Vista drive. Just dont click on it...
You can hide the Vista partition with NeoGrub, then reboot and boot from the CD. Vista will be hidden.
Well no - you are right.

NeoGrub can't really be used to boot from CD (technically it can, but it's broken). But when you hide a Vista partition, the hiding persists until you use NeoGrub to boot into it.

So you can create a new entry, something like
title Prepare to Boot from CD
hide (hdx,y) # For all vista partitions

Then boot from CD once the reboot is over.