NeoGrub Will not Boot Ubuntu 9.10 From Windows 7, Wrong Device used


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I am having alot of problems trying to get NeoGrub to work and boot Ubuntu 9.10 from Windows 7.

I set up NeoGrub menu.lst file exactly like the grub.cfg file ceated by update-grub (Using Grub syntax not Grub2

Like so:

root (hd1,4)
kernel /vmlinuz root=UUID=e1d4d8fd-c3b1-4f3a-9b1b-0ae7ab3bf8c4 ro quiet splash
initrd /initrd.img
chainloader +1

(I added the line chainloader+1)

When I select the NeoGrub selection from the boot menu I get the grub prompt

Now at the grub prompt something strange occurs. The device hd1 where all my systems are loaded (Windows 7 & Ubuntu) is not recognized by grub at the command prompt...

Doing a find at the grub prompt shows that NeoGrub thinks all the bootable partitions are on hd0 while Linux and Windows know the correct device is hd1.

Grub at the command prompt thinks all my bootable partitions are on hd0

So if I manually execute the commands above, at the grub prompt, and replace root (hd1,4) with root (hd0,4) all the commands work fine... EXCEPT boot.

I type boot and linux starts to load but eventually complains it cannot mount root devices and dies... (I am assuming this is because NeoGrub thinks hd0 is the boot device while Linux knows the correct device id hd1 and it can't get there from here).

If I place the command root(hd0,4) into neogrub's menu.lst I still get a command prompt.

Hope that explains what is happening well enough.

Please help and let me know what I am doing wrong.

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Ubuntu 9.10 uses grub2.
Don't use neogrub.
Using Easy2 from CG's link, delete your linux entry, add it again, select grub2 from the dropdown.
Everything else will "grey". It's not needed.