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there is an example of how to configure neogrub in your neogrub help but I have tried the example and it doesnt work ... what should the entry be to configure to boot xp32 on the 1st hard drive and the 2nd partition on that drive and then linux on the 3rd hard drive on the first partition ...?

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Well you cant copy the script as it is a example and not made for you system. You have to modify it to work on your system.

They way the numbering works is this. The first drive is 0 (Zero). The 2nd drive is 1. And so on. Same with the partitions. So the first partition is 0 (Zero) and the 2nd partition is 1. So if you wish for the 1st drive 2nd partition you want it to be (0,1) for that numbering system. The 3rd hard drive 1st partition would be (2,0).

Better understanding of this now?
I do not get what you mean. All the bits inbetween? Be more specific can not help you with generic posts. As stated you can not use the Example.
Part of the problem, Linux may list your system's configuration differently from Windows. (ie. Linux when booted may see itself as hd(0,...) instead of hd(2,...).

Since you don't know for sure which drives are being used to boot what, type "e" when you select the entry you want to edit during boot time. Next, select the (hdx,y) line and type "e" again. This'll allow you to edit the boot parameter. Change x and y, press enter, and then type "b" to attempt at booting. Repeat the prcoess until it boots normally for that operating system. Take note of the correct values, because this is only temporarily. Once you've booted correctly, edit menu.lst to reflect those changes. I've had to do this countless times when using neogrub myself to chainload linux entries on my external drive from my laptop as well as from the external drive itself.