Can someone tell me exactly how Neogrub functions? If I install it, does it attempt to modify the MBR or does it just install a DOS version of GRUB in the C:\NST directory the Win7 bootloader then chains to?
Thanks Mahmoud. You created a great tool here! I'm thinking I can install Neogrub and chain to intallation Ubuntu on a USB flash drive.

I'm doing this because OS/X can't see the partition on the USB drive as bootable because it's not an EFI bootable drive. I figure I can run an end run around the Mac's EFI requirement by having The Win7 bootloader chain to Neogrub and then chain to the bootloader on the USB stick. Does that make sense?
Nope. Didn't work. With the USB drive plugged in at boot here's what happens.

1. Bootcamp gets control, displays OSX and Win7 partitions to boot to. I select the Win7 Part
2. Win7 bootloader gets control and shows the Win7 partition and NeoGrub. I select NeoGrub
3. NeoGrub gets control and I select what should be the Ubuntu options. Boot fails.
4. I choose commandline in NeoGrub. I then type root and enter. NeoGrub lists the 3 partitions on the first physical HD, but it can't see the USB stick as a drive.
That is not possible on a MBP. I think the issue is the EFI (which replaces a conventional PC's BIOS) inteferes with access to the USB port at boot time. Even rEFIt, which see's the Linux on the flash drive, won't boot to it. Thanks Mahmoud.
Ah, MacBook. Right, I've got my own, and have run into this problem before.

OK, you shouldn't use EasyBCD. Have a look at rEFIt instead.

(caveat emptor: it doesn't work on OS X 10.7 Lion!)