NeoSmart Bootguard error BG-4pp

I ran EasyRE, but it didn't recognize my Windows 10 OS drive. Tech support helpfully let me download a beta version of EasyRE which did recognize my Windows installation and apparently did a lot of fixes to allow me to boot again. But when I rebooted, I got a message from NeoSmart's Bootguard with error BG-4pp saying that I had to boot in UEFI mode, not legacy mode. It gave a link to the error number, but that page does not exist.

The only documented error number for Bootguard is for one where you are trying to boot in legacy mode but have a partition that's larger than 2 TiB. All my partitions are smaller than 2 TiB, and that's not the error I'm getting anyway. I think that it's possible that the bet EasyRE actually did fix my boot problems, but I can't tell because I can't boot in legacy mode with Bootguard blocking it. (UEFI mode won't boot, but that may be a separate problem.)

So what I'm trying to find out is:

1. What is NeoSmart Bootguard error BG-4pp?

2. How do I disable NeoSmart Bootguard to see if I can boot in legacy mode?

Thanks for anyone's thoughts.