neosmart recovery disk doesn´t work


Hello i just joined to forum because i have a question about my broken Windows Vista Home Basic 32-Bit. Well, everytime when i launch it its freeses to windows logo window or crash before going to desktop. Blue screen said that my sys files are broken so i decide to use recovery disk to get my windows back to work.
My computer is Packard Bell.

And then to my question. I downloaded windows vista recorvery disk 32-bit and burn iso to cd using PowerIso. Then i put it to my computer and it said "press any key to boot CD/DVD" , I pressed a key.
Then "windows is loading files" gone to screen. I waited that the loading bar goes over. After that it didnt work. Just little line was flashing at top left of screen. i waited 10 minutes, still same little line was flashing. After 30 minutes, still same little line was flashing. :angry: and after 1 huor still same line was flashing at the top left of screen.

So what is wrong at my disk???

Please help


And sorry my bad english!:smile:
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Yes the disks do work. I know as i have used them all myself and i helped create the Vista Disks personally.

Can you get into Safe Mode at all? Have you burned the CD using the slowest speed possible?
I cant get access to safe mode its always freese.
What? I burned cd max speed so i try tomorrow burn it as slow as posibble
There's probably nothing wrong with the CD burn.
Unfortunately MS installation DVDs and repair dics (a subset of the former), try to examine the HDD for Windows installations as they boot, and a HDD probem which prevents the OS from booting can prevent the repair disk from booting too.
Linux won't be affected, so you can always rescue your user data
before it becomes necessary to "factory reset" the PC.